Save The 1’s mission is to educate everyone on why all pre-born children should be protected by law and accepted by society, without exception and without compromise. Further, we wish to educate pro-life advocates,  leaders, and clergy on how to articulate a proper defense of children conceived in rape or incest, as well as those with special needs.  

Besides the regular speaking our “hard cases” pro-life speakers do, as well as our regular blogging and activism on social media like Facebook and Twitter, with your help, we can achieve our mission if given the opportunity to do the following:

* speak at events around the world where they don’t have the funds to bring in pro-life speakers;

* accept invitations to debate pro-choice leaders at key university campuses where very limited stipends are offered;

* travel to testify before legislatures and hold press conferences;
* provide training to our Save The 1 pro-life speakers and bloggers;
* have a strong presence at the annual March For Life in D.C. and the March in San Francisco;
* have a presence with Save The 1 booths at pro-life conferences and rallies;
* maintain our website and increase our web presence;
* produce a line of  Save The 1 pamphlets, addressing all of the “hard cases;”
* self-publish a book in the future with chapters from each of our speakers;  and
* produce additional videos with stories which represent “the least of these.”

 Save The 1 President and Founder Rebecca Kiessling explains the mission of Save The 1:


Save The 1 is an affiliate of Personhood Alliance — a no exceptions, no compromise pro-life organization.  Save The 1 has been incorporated in the State of Michigan and we are awaiting approval from the IRS on our 501c3 status.  We are comprised of pro-life speakers and bloggers who represent “the hard cases,” along with a few amazing supporters who are passionate for the no exception, no compromise cause.  Not all of our bloggers are interested in speaking nationally.  We have a network of hundreds of those conceived in rape and mothers from rape who could be mobilized to testify before legislatures or to participate in press conferences and demonstrations in their own state or region.

Our Officers and/or Board Members are:

Rebecca Kiessling – President

Darlene Pawlik – Vice-President

Brad Smith – Secretary

Jim Sable – Treasurer

Mary Rathke – Board Member

Nicholas D’Angelo – Board Member

Dyanne Gonzales – Board Member



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* Save The 1 is an official affiliate of National Personhood Alliance.  All donated funds go directly into Save The 1 accounts, exclusiveley for Save The 1’s use.
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