Darlene Pawlik – NH

Conceived in Rape


Darlene has been a practicing nurse for 26 years and worked in ProLife ministry for more than 20 years and has spoken in many venues, including the NH Legislature, public events, TV interviews, schools, churches and other groups. Darlene served as a Trustee, President of NH RTL and is currently the Chair of the Educational Trust and serves with Savethe1 to bring awareness to the legislators and the public that people conceived from rape are people, not exceptions.  

She is passionate about the value of every life; whether one is conceived with wine and roses or as a result of violence.  Darlene rejects the utilitarian view that people are valuable only if they can contribute to society in arbitrarily contrived ways.  Darlene holds to the Declaration of Independence’s admonition that each of us is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights: the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One’s right to life trumps all other rights.
Darlene Pawlik was conceived by rape, grew up feeling worth less than others and was a target of human trafficking at 13, sold into prostitution on her 14th birthday, she faked an abortion to get free from the man holding her.  She pledged her life to God and married a wonderful man, raised five great children and now has two grandchildren.









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