Ashley Beal — WI

Ashley Beal is a Pro-Life Speaker for Save The 1.  She became pregnant by rape when she was drugged as a teen, and is raising her son who was conceived in rape.  Part of her testimony includes having fought her rapist for custody.  After having received state aid, he was sued by the state for paternity and child support.  Then a Wisconsin judge immediately awarded him joint legal and joint physical custody, even though she’d reported the rape to the police and he’d never even seen her son.  Under court order to have to meet with her rapist to set up a parenting plan, he stopped meeting her once she informed him to was engaged to be married.  Now years later, she and her son are free from the rapist, but Ashley uses her experience to advocate for the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, so that other mothers and their children will be protected and the parental rights of the rapist terminated without requiring a rape conviction.  Ashley does pro-life speaking at all kinds of events, and is now the Director of Save The 1’s project to advocate for laws to terminate the parental rights of rapists, and to offer support to mothers who have faced this issue.  Read her story from our blog: Forced to Devise a Parenting Plan With My Rapist.

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