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  • Pregnant By Rape
  • Conceived in Rape
  • Conceived in Adultery
  • Poor Pre-Natal Diagnosis
  • In-Utero Drug Exposure

Pregnant by Rape

Stories by mothers from rape, mothers from sex trafficking, birthmothers from rape who gave their children for adoption, post-abortive mothers from rape, and miscarried after rape.

Mothers from Rape:

Jennifer Christie, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker:

Raped While on a Business Trip, My Husband and I Chose Life!

Raped, Married, and Pregnant: When People Said We Shouldn’t Have You, We Loved You Louder (update to “Raped While on a Business Trip”

My son was never a “rapist’s baby” or a “product of rape” — he’s my child

The daily chore, and blessing, of forgiveness

All Across The World, Children Like My Son Have Targets on Their Backs

My Wife and I Both Saw This Baby as Something Beautiful Coming From Such Evil, by Jeff (husband of Jennifer Christie)

I didn’t become pregnant after rape, but my wife did. ..and I have an opinion by Jeff (husband of Jennifer Christie)

Ashley Beal, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker:

Forced to Devise a Parenting Plan With My Rapist

Paula K. Peyton:

From Victimhood to Motherhood, I Chose Joy

Dear People Who Bullied My Unborn Child

Rose Duncan:

They Say ‘Except in Cases’ Like My Son

Kelly Dautel:

He Is MY Baby –The Child of a Rape Victim, and My Little Hero

Alisha Weiler:

When I Look at My Son, I Have Never Thought of Him as Being Born From Rape

Analyn Megison, Save the 1 Pro-Life Speaker:

Terminating Parental Rights of Rapists

Akli Ahlet:

Though conceived in rape, my son is the best thing that has happened to me

Nicole W. Cooley, Save the 1 Pro-Life Speaker:

A Tale of Two Mothers Who Were Pregnant By Rape

Aimee Kidd:

Thankful I Didn’t Kill My Innocent Baby Conceived in Rape

Paula Love:

After the Rape, Choosing Life Fixed Everything

Sarah Connors:

South Carolina, Eugenic Abortion, and the Ugly Side of Pro-Life Politics

Michele Snook:

Gov. Wolf Thinks My Grandchild Wasn’t Worth Saving

Kerry Ann Beckley from the U.K.:

It Looked Like Such a Bleak Situation, But I Had a Reason For Being

Diana Contreras from Chile:

Pregnant by Rape at 15, That Baby Was Mine

I See My Son Reflected In You — Message from Mother Who Miscarried After Rape

Mothers from Rape – Post-abortive Mothers:


The Abortion Was Worse Than The Rape

Nona Ellington:

The Abortion Was More Damaging Than the Rape

Sarah St. Onge:

What Planned Parenthood’s “Tissue Harvesting” Program Means to Me- The Post Abortive Mother

Irish Pro-Choice Advocates Try to Silence Victims of Rape

Mothers from Rape – Mother from Sex Trafficking:

Darlene Pawlik, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker and Vice President (Mother from rape-sex trafficking, also conceived in rape herself):

The Child is Unexpected Joy After The Trauma of Rape

Conceived in Rape

Stories by those born to mothers who were raped.

Rebecca KIessling, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker and President:

What Advice Should Clergy Give To a Woman Pregnant By Rape?

With 6 Other States, Alabama Doesn’t Protect Rape Victim Moms and Their Children

Pro-Life Peru is Morally Superior

They react to someone conceived in rape, as a vampire reacts to a crucifix

Woman From El Salvador Given 30 Years For Killing Her Son Was Never Raped

Abortion Advocates Exploit El Salvadorian Rape Victim and Her Son’s Death

Chileans Who Are the “3 Causes” Being Targeted Say NO to Legalizing Abortion in Chile

We Value Life and Urge the Republic of Ireland to Preserve the 8th Amendment

The Pro-Life Debate — Defending Innocent Children, or Congressmen?

TV Metereologist Heather Sophia Shares Her Pro-Life Story of Survival

Chilean President Bachelet: Put Down Your Weapons and Stop Targeting My People Group

Children Conceived In Rape Take a Beating From Bush and Christie at GOP Debate

Further Traumatized by Abortion After Rape — Sheryl’s Story

Michigan Senate Unanimously Passes the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act!

Northern Ireland High Court Issues Death Penalty to Most Innocent But Discriminated Among Us

The Legend of Supermom

Sen. Rubio — No, Every Pro-Life Group Does Not Support Rape Exception Legislation

What It Means to Have a BIRTHday

7 Month Pregnant Gang Rape Victim From India Didn’t Really Want an Abortion

President Signs Rape Survivor Child Custody Act Into Law!

She Was “Sad and Skeptical About Rape Babies”

Montana Anesthesia Abortion Bill — It’s OK to Kill as Long as Your Victim Doesn’t Feel Pain?

New Mexico’s Late-Term Abortion Bill is Fatally Flawed

You Want Us To Compromise Our Pro-Life Values MORE?!!!


Terminating Parental Rights of Rapists

Threatened with a Plastic Coat Hanger

Hard Cases Unite to Make a Difference!

Interview of Save The 1 President Rebecca Kiessling conducted by David Arboix from Salvar El 1

Darlene Pawlik, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker and Vice President:

The Child is Unexpected Joy After The Trauma of Rape

Gender Equality Abortions?

Response to Elise Cooper About her article, The Rape Exception

Intellectual Dishonesty

Use Your Power to Stop Abortion

Let’s Have a Conversation

There’s a Person in There

How I Faked an Abortion and Escaped Sex Trafficking

Mary Rathke, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker and Board Member:

Will My Silence Save Babies?

Putting A Face to the Issue Through Ads

Robyn McLean:

Planned Parenthood Puts Prices on Preborn Babies, But What Is YOUR Worth?

God’s Plan Trumps Murphy’s Law – Our Journey for Justice!

Jim Sable, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker and Board Member:

We Are The 1% – The Shocking Reality Behind The Numbers

Rape Exceptions in Congress — A Broken Record

Petulant or Vigilant? The Battle For No Exceptions

Congress’ Rape Exception Gave Pro-Abort Dems the Floor on the Rape Debate

New Negotiations on the 20 Abortion Ban Would be Comical if They Weren’t So Tragic

Is There No Place for the Disabled in Church?

Patti Smith, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker

I Have a Fire in My Belly After The March For Life

Nicholas D’Angelo, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker and Board Member:

Thank You Mom For Loving Me, Even Though I Was Conceived Out of Rape

You’re glad I’m here?

Father-less Day

Van Atkins:

Double Jeopardy: Mom Conceived in Rape, Dad Conceived in Incest

Claudia Marcela:

I helped my mother heal from the rape in which I was conceived

Conceived in Adultery

Stories by those born from marital infidelity.

Lori Sealy:

Though Conceived in Adultery, I Am Not an Accident

Poor Pre-Natal Diagnosis

Stories by parents who were given a challenging pre-natal diagnosis, and those born after their parents were given a challenging pre-natal diagnosis.

Andrew T. Bodoh, Esq.:

Hope Has Become a Liability Risk in Cases of Poor Prenatal Diagnoses

Brad and Jesi Smith, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speakers

A President Who Kills Her Most Vulnerable Citizens?

My Child is a Fetal Anomaly, Exception, and Medical Decision???

Kirk Barker, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker

Doctor Said to Abort or She Would Die

Jennifer Frey:

Told by Doctors to Abort, I Regained My Mother’s Heart For My Child

Suzanne Guy, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker

Rachel Mary Guy, Save The 1 Pro-Life Speaker

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing-ACOG’s not so hidden agenda, by Rachel Mary Guy

The Heartbeat Bill

Pro Life, NO exceptions


In Utero Drug Exposure

Stories by those born after their mothers took drugs or were given drugs.

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