Brad and Jesi Smith MI – Pro-Life Speakers

Brad and Jesi Smith — Save The 1 Pro-Life Speakers — Challenging Pre-Natal Diagnosis



Though their pro-life views were developed long before their marriage and children, Brad and Jesi Smith’s fifth child, Faith, tested and ultimately strengthened those views. Faith was diagnosed in the womb with “fatal fetal anomalies” and after birth was genetically tested and was found to have Trisomy 18 and Monosomy 21. Trisomy 18 is the grave medical condition that also afflicts Bella Santorum, daughter of pro-life Pennsylvania Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum. After enduring pressure to abort Faith prior to birth and pressure to not treat Faith throughout her childhood, the Smiths have battled to get proper medical treatment for her.  When doctors were withdrawing and withholding care from Faith, the Smiths received lifesaving advice from Rick Santorum that saved Faith’s life.  Brad and Jesi now travel the country for Save The 1 is a pro-life organization dedicated to saving the 1 percent of children conceived in rape, incest, and with so called “fatal fetal anomalies.”  They share their family’s story to challenge society’s bizarre and murderous mission to wipe the disabled from the face of the earth.


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