Conceived in Rape Pro-Life Speakers

Save The 1 Conceived in Rape Pro-Life Speakers.  Click on photos to visit their pages:

Rebecca Kiessling Pro-life Speaker MIDarlene Pawlik Pro-Life Speaker

Rebecca Kiessling, MI                                Darlene Pawlik, NH


Mary Rathke Pro-Life Speaker MITravon Clifton Pro-life speaker MI

Mary Rathke, MI                                           Travon Clifton, MI


Sherrie Eldridge Pro-Life Speaker INIrene van der Wende Pro-Life Speaker EU

Sherrie Eldridge, IN                                          Irene van der Wende, EU


Leyandria Murray Pro-Life Speaker MIPatti Smith Pro-Life Speaker CA

Leyandria Murray, MI                                 Patti Smith, CA


Jim Sable Pro-Life SpeakerRob Murphy Pro-Life Speaker MI

Jim Sable, IL                                                  Rob Murphy, MI


Nick D'Angelo Pro-life speakerTony Kiessling Pro-Life Speaker PA

Nick D’Angelo, NY                                     Tony Kiessling, PA  









Ashley Lawton, NC                                      

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