Jerusha Klayman-Kingery Pro-Life Speaker – OH

Jerusha Klayman-Kingery is a birthmother who became pregnant as a result of rape.  A strong Christian, intent on saving herself for marriage, she was devastated to have been raped.  When she found herself pregnant, abortion was never a consideration for her.  She says that during this difficult time, carrying the baby drew her closer to God than ever before.  Jerusha describes her healing:  “This baby actually gave me hope — a reason to live and march forward. There was life within me, but the reality was, this baby gave me life.”  Read her story:  The Rapist Was Culpable, But My Birthdaughter Was Innocent.

Today, Jerusha is a pro-life speaker, blogger, and activist.  She’s volunteered with her local pregnancy resource center in the Cincinnati area, and she speaks internationally to schools, churches and other interested groups about adoption, pro-life issues, self-esteem and related topics.  She facilitates an online birth mother support group, and fights for the so-called 1% of babies targeted for abortion due to rape or incest.  With her husband, she is a part-time missionary, and singer-songwriter.  As President and Founder of As His Miracle Grows, she and her husband speak to youth and do mission trips globally.  Follow her and contact Jerusha on her Facebook page:  Jerusha Klayman-Kingery Pro-Life Speaker.

Jerusha Klayman-Kingery — Birthmother from rape, I love my child!

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