Jim Sable – Pro-Life Speaker, IL

Jim Sable 2 Pro-Life Speaker Jim was adopted and learned that he was conceived in rape.  His birthmother had passed away shortly before he “found her.”  She was the only child he ever had.  Jim and his wife Wendy have both shared their pro-life testimonies regarding adoption.  They have three children and are adopting a fourth from China, with special needs. They live in the Chicago area.  Jim is the Treasurer of Save The 1, as well as Hope After Rape Conception.   He’s written numerous blogs for Save The 1.  Jim appears in the documentaries “Except in Cases of Rape? 12 Stories of Survival,” as well as “Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions.

Jim has given many speeches and presentations about his story and the importance of protecting the children who are sometimes labeled “hard cases”. Here are just a few:


Jim Sable Takes a Look at the “Hard Cases”:

Jim Sable shares his story at Speak Out Illinois, 2014:

Jim Sable speaks to NW Familes For Life, 2013, Palatine, IL:

Jim Sable Pro-Life Speaker 2

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