Leyandria Murray Ratomski – Pro-Life Speaker, TX

Leyandria got her start as a pro-life speaker through Save The 1 and has been a pro-life speaker and activist since becoming involved with her Students for Life group while attending Oakland University.  She’s spoken at dozens of Right to Life of Michigan events, pregnancy center fundraisers, universities and churches, sharing her powerful testimony of having been conceived when her teen mom was only 13 years old.  Her mom was taken to an abortion clinic by her own mother who was also pregnant and living in poverty in Detroit.  But Leyandria’s mom heard her heartbeat, jumped off the abortion table and ran out of the clinic.

Today, Leyandria is the first from her family to graduate from university.  She’s married and starting a family, residing in the Dallas, Texas area.

Contact Leyandria through her Facebook page, Leyandria Murray Pro-Life Speaker

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